5 photos that justify living near the Montgó

The Montgó is the mountain that separates Jávea and Dénia. It is also a guide for sailors who have sailed the Mediterranean since ancient times. It is a mountain declared a Natural Park for its high value in the flora and fauna that inhabit it. An attraction that is also reflected in the photos we find on Instagram, of which we have selected 5:


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But the shadow of the Montgó is also one of the best areas to live on the Costa Blanca. Whether on one side or the other, in Jávea or Dénia, there are many villas that enjoy the beauty of having this stone giant so close. 

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In the part of Jávea in particular, the winds ensure that you enjoy good weather practically 365 days a year. Building a house there is a guarantee of not getting hot or cold. In this way, bathing in the pool or playing on the tennis court are regular activities for many months. The house, in short, is lived much more.

The inhabited area of ​​Montgó is perfectly communicated with the urban centers and has all kinds of services nearby. 

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The landscape is history and we are the ones who star in it. That of the Montgó is centuries old. And surely each story is exciting, as much as the way -or the photo- of contemplating it. 

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