5 advantages of the builder buying the material for the work

In recent times in the process of housing reforms we have perceived an important change. Now the same owners of the houses worry about seeing, consulting, comparing prices and choosing all kinds of materials for the works that are carried out in their homes. The user has become more demanding, they want to see the product in situ, touch it and ask for the final price.

And sometimes what happens is that the owner buys materials that are not valid or acquires in excess, to give two examples. It can also happen that the material is defective and there are problems in the placement.

On the other hand, if the material is supplied by the builder, all are advantages. These are the main four:

  1. Significant discount applies.
  2. If the material is defective, he takes charge.
  3. He is in charge of transportation to the house.
  4. Adjusts labor prices.
  5. Times are cut and jobs move faster.

Because as the manager of Construcciones Cholbi, José Miguel Cholbi, likes to repeat, "I always keep in mind the phrase of a great construction professional -my father- who told me 'work as if it were for you and the owners will thank you'".

* The images that accompany the post are of a reform carried out by Construcciones Cholbi in a villa in Jávea.

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