Before and after a flat in Arenal

This time we want to talk about a project that we recently delivered and we are very happy with the result. It is about the renovation of a flat in the Arenal area (Jávea) and it is proof that, by changing coatings and moving some partitions, homes with an outdated and very compartmentalized appearance are updated and they look like brand new construction.

The current owner bought the apartment for its enviable location, we imagine, and for the magnificent views of the Arenal beach. The apartment is spacious, with two rooms, and it was in good condition, but as you can see in the photos, its appearance was more typical of the eighties than of today, especially due to the reddish terrazzo flooring and the furniture. old-fashioned. The kitchen was narrow and received little light from outside. And the distribution also presented a handicap for the owner, which was having only one bathroom.

Based on these conditions, we got down to work to give the apartment a facelift during the winter and have it ready for the arrival of good weather. For this, we had the very active collaboration of David, the owner, who was giving us ideas of what he needed and with our construction and technical architecture team, who was capturing what he told us on plans.

The first big change was to adjust the distribution. Thus, the partitions in the kitchen were removed, which has gained in light, and an American bar was added between the kitchen and the living room to have more storage in the dining area. kitchen and separate environments. And on the other hand, the problem of the only bathroom was solved: by removing the built-in cabinets and redistributing the bathroom, it was possible to get an additional square meter that served to make two adjoining bathrooms that have the Shared shower, but thanks to an opaque screen, each room has complete privacy from the other. A very original and practical idea that we believe has turned out very well.

And the second step was to change the flooring of the entire house, which, as we have said, they did not like. The original was replaced by a wood-effect porcelain floor (made of this material, so versatile and that we love it), we will speak to you in a post previous). As you can see, it is in light tones and brings a lot of light to the house. In the kitchen area, a slightly darker floor was chosen to match the countertop and American bar, and on the front, white metro-type tile, totally current. And in the bathrooms, the owner also wisely chose tiles in light tones, since as they are small rooms, light colors reflect light more and expand the space. The shower floor is made of rounded edges, which give it a natural touch and also help prevent slipping.

And finally, some final details were also undertaken: the window of one of the rooms was changed to have direct access to the magnificent terrace and some plug sockets were added. A small window in the bathroom was also opened to give more natural light.

What do you think of the end result? Doesn't it look like a brand new house? We are happy with the result and we hope that David is already enjoying his new house and the summer in Jávea. Happy summer to you too!

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