Fireplaces that invite you to stay at home

With the cold wave that we have just experienced and, in general, with the very humid and cold winter that we are having in Jávea, surely you have missed a better air conditioning in your house or, even, a fireplace. Built-in chimneys have traditionally been the most effective and cheapest way (when own firewood was available) to heat a house. Our grandparents kept the firewood from the crops and used it to heat themselves in winter. The kitchen, and in general, life passed around the fire.

Currently, this piece has fallen into disuse, since there is not so much space on the floors and its cleaning is a bit more cumbersome. But it must be recognized that there is nothing more welcoming and more inviting to the meeting than a good fireplace presiding over a room. So, if you are thinking of reforming your living room, and if you have enough space for it, why not include a fireplace in it? You may not use it daily, but on the weekend, or on colder days, it is a real pleasure within your reach and a decision you will not regret.

In a minimalist, classic, neo-rustic or Ibizan style, we show you a selection of fireplaces that we like and that invite you to stay longer at home with them. 10 fireplace projects to inspire and design your own or simply to dream about. At Construcciones Cholbi we build chimneys both in new constructions and in existing houses. Tell us what your style is and we will help you materialize it.

Images (from left to right)

  1. Living room decorated with Mallorcan crafts: El Mueble Magazine
  2. Fireplace in living room with blue tones in Biarritz: New Style
  3. Minimalist fireplace in Felanitx (Mallorca):
  4. Luxury residence in Ibiza: Blog
  5. Luis Galliussi's house in Ibiza: AD magazine
  6. Modern villa fireplace in Formentera: The Style Files
  7. Rustic fireplace in Mallorca: Paper Blog
  8. House in the urbanization El Puchol (Jávea): Jessica Bataille
  9. House in La Barraca (Jávea): Mi Casa Magazine
  10. Rural refuge in Mallorca: New Style
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