How we organize the work to be more productive

The works, as if they were in our own home. With this premise we work at Construcciones Cholbi. To comply with it, we establish a series of rules, either in the construction of chalets or in reforms. The main one is that we dedicate the last minutes of the working day to cleaning and tidying up the work. In addition, we organize the construction materials so that they are in their place as well as the work tools. In this way we are much more productive.

With those 15 minutes dedicated to cleaning the work space, we make sure that when the client comes to inspect the work, which is usually when we are not in full swing, they can clearly see how the project is progressing. We do not like that the works are full of dirt and junk in between. And much less that the people who have trusted us encounter that.

Thanks to all our years of experience we have learned that those 15 minutes we spend cleaning and organizing the work allow us to start the next day to work as soon as the day starts and not waste half an hour -or more- clearing the work space.

Space protection In renovations in particular, the first task we undertake is to protect everything that is susceptible to getting dirty or suffering damage. Tape doors, cover furniture, protect appliqués... And then we start 100% with the work.

Separation of waste In all works we strive to comply with the waste separation regulations. With this objective we have different containers: one for construction debris and others for plastic, wood and paper.

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