4 tips for choosing the exterior carpentry of your house in Jávea

In the construction of a new house, the choice of exterior carpentry (also called "window frames" by the uninitiated) is usually a difficult choice, for several reasons: it is an expensive item, then there is little (or none) possibility of change and there are many technicalities (as in most construction processes) that complicate decision making.

Because what is certain is that, depending on what type of exterior carpentry we put in our home, its appearance can change considerably and also its insulation (both acoustic and thermal).

If you are in the process of renovating or building a home, you may already know that there are basically three types of exterior carpentry:

  • Aluminum carpentry: it has been the most used until the beginning of this century. In theory, aluminum is a material that insulates less than PVC, although we will see later that it can also be very insulating.
  • PVC carpentry: since the 2000s and the construction boom, it has been the most used material, both for insulation and for price.
  • Wood carpentry: the one of a lifetime, go. Although the result in town houses and rustic buildings is unbeatable, due to price it has been relegated.

And what material is the best? At Construcciones Cholbi we opted for PVC for its insulation. But it is also true that, depending on your needs, budget or the type of home, you may be more interested in one material than another.

So if you are at that exciting (and complicated, let's not kid ourselves) moment of building a house in Jávea, here are some tips that can help you better decide what type of exterior carpentry to choose.

1. If you are looking for total insulation: we have already said it, PVC is the material that insulates the most, more than any other. Aluminum conducts both heat and cold and does not insulate as much. Therefore, if we want aluminum carpentry and we need the house to be properly insulated, then we will choose aluminum with thermal break (RPT). This choice increases the price of carpentry, but it is worth it. So in the end RPT's aluminum, combined with good glass, can insulate almost as much as PVC (almost).

2. If you are concerned about aesthetics: aluminum is the preferred material for interior designers and architects. It has a lighter and more beautiful appearance, and the finish is finer. Both aluminum and PVC can be ordered in white or colour. Aluminum has a very extensive color chart, the RAL chart, the anodized ones (metal finishes) and the wood ones (which don't quite 'get the hang of it'). In PVC there is less possibility of colors, but its 'wood' version is much better than that of aluminum. So if you are looking for a beautiful carpentry, of a very specific color, perhaps you are more interested in aluminum.

3. If you want to give a rustic air: you may be interested in giving a rustic touch to your house or chalet. Or it may also be that, if it is located in the historic center, the City Council forces you to follow aesthetic guidelines and you have to put your exterior carpentry in wood or imitation wood. In this case, if the budget does not matter to you, you can order some beautiful wooden windows. Of course, they have the drawback that every year they require maintenance by sanding and varnishing them. Or there is also the option of PVC joinery with a wood finish. In aluminum, as we have told you above, there is also this option, but the finish is much better in PVC. There are different shades of wood and the truth is that it looks very very good.

4. If you have a tighter budget: in this case, blank PVC is usually the cheapest option. In the next price range we would find PVC in color and aluminum in white or color and, already at the last step, PVC with a wood finish. If by necessity you have to choose white PVC, we will tell you that it is not a bad decision at all, because it is the most insulating material and white never goes out of style.

As you can see, it is not an easy choice. But if you need technical and personalized advice, at Construcciones Cholbi we have the collaboration of Acristalamientos R. Bover, who after more than 50 years making windows and glazing in Jávea and Dénia, knows what he is talking about.

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