Places to live in Jávea (12): El Tossalet

If we talk about a prestigious urbanization in Jávea, this is without a doubt El Tossalet. Among its beautiful design chalets inspired by traditional architecture we find many celebrities: show people, the world of information, big businessmen, athletes... Many of them choose Jávea to spend long periods of time and El Tossalet in particular is a coveted place for those looking to have a home in the most exclusive area.< /p>

The history of this urbanization dates back to the 1960s. Specifically in 1967, the businesswoman known as Doña Julia promoted the project to convert what until then was a rural area, with agricultural terraces and country houses, in a residential complex with isolated houses, chalets in this case. We attach some images of the inauguration.

Those houses should all have a common aesthetic as well as the walls of the plots, for example. In this way, it was possible to create a homogeneity in the landscape that attracted residents of large Spanish cities: Madrid, Valencia, Bilbao, San Sebastián...

Everyone met at the urbanization's private Club, which became so famous that it even hosted concerts by Julio Iglesias and Carlos Santana. This building by the way is currently abandoned.

The common architecture was inspired by the traditional constructions of this area, with the preeminence of the tosca, the dry stone in the walls, the nayas... This style is now combined with other houses that have followed a more aesthetic modern and based on large volumes.

Construcciones Cholbi is currently carrying out the comprehensive reform of a house built according to the canons of this urbanization and that you can see in the images attached to the post. We will maintain all the typical elements of this area: the naya, the tosca... so that the house continues to have the common identity of the place.

In El Tossalet today there is a fairly intense buying and selling market. Some of the homes that are sold require reforms. Be that as it may, there are few urbanizations with as much identity as El Tossalet in Jávea, not only on the Costa Blanca but on the entire Mediterranean coast.

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