These are the colors of the season for your home

With the change of season we often feel like renovating our house a bit. If you have a house in Jávea, you know that summer lasts until October and maybe November, but our minds and bodies already need to be surrounded by an environment and color codes that are different from the summer season.

The colors of the season for fall winter 2016-17, as published by the Pantone company (recognized for its world-renowned color control system), is a palette made up of 10 colors, in which blue and some reddish tones predominate, along with more neutral colors and a more exotic note like mustard yellow. Here they are:

  • Riverside (Indigo Blue): A cool yet calming blue.
  • Airy blue: A lighter shade of blue, with an aged feel.
  • Sharkskin (shark skin gray): neutral gray, which combines perfectly with any color in this palette.
  • Aurora Red (aurora red): the classic red that gives us a note of sensuality and warmth to autumn.
  • Warm Taupe (warm taupe): another neutral tone, a little warmer than gray and very elegant, it is a must have to keep an eye on.
  • Dusty Cedar (pale pink): a darker version of the rose quartz that joined us last spring. A color from yesteryear but very fashionable.
  • Lush Meadow (meadow green): It is an elegant and sophisticated green, full of optimism.
  • Spicy Mustard (mustard yellow): the spicy point is provided by mustard yellow, a bold tone that can be softened by combining it with Warm Taupe or Airy blue.
  • Potter's Clay (clay brown): between brown and orange, the quintessential autumn color.
  • Bodacious (artificial mauve): A whimsical and sophisticated color, and a bit unexpected in the fall.

Do you want to incorporate any of these colors into your home without having to invest too much or change the entire decoration of your home? Below we give you some clues on how to put a note of seasonal color:

  1. In textiles: in cushion covers, for example. They brighten up the sofa or bed in one fell swoop, it is not an expensive investment and you can easily change them. Also in bedding, which is also normally changed every season and there are times when it needs to be renewed, or in table textiles, towels or curtains.
  2. On walls: you may not paint the walls of your house in mustard color, but how about painting one of the walls in the living room in warm taupe, which is a fairly neutral color, or indigo blue, very relaxing? You can also achieve very striking corners by painting a strong color (Lush Meadow, for example) only part of the wall, such as the back of a bookstore.
  3. Minor decorative elements: color can also be present in paintings, figures, lamps or vases, strategically placed and matching other elements. Also dare with auxiliary furniture: if you are a bit of a handyman, try painting that tiny table that has been with you for years and give it a second chance. With chalk paint you don't even have to strip and there are plenty of colors.

With these simple changes, your house can have a totally different look. If you still want to go one step further and need to throw down a partition, renovate your kitchen or any other type of reform, at Construcciones Cholbi we undertake both new construction projects and reforms of all kinds. Our base is in Jávea and we carry out works in Jávea, Dénia and other towns in the Marina AltaContact us and ask us for a budget.

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