The 4 keys to reform your house successfully

A reform is the most important work that can be carried out in an isolated house, apartment or commercial premises. For this reason it is important to be clear about some aspects so that it does not become a nightmare and be scared by differences between previous budgets and final expenses. We have summarized the most important keys to reforming your case successfully in four:

1. Knowing what we want

It is essential that before requesting any budget we are very clear about the reform we intend to carry out. We must try not to leave anything to improvisation when the work is already underway. Knowing exactly what we want to do will allow us to have more realistic budgets. Everyone should reflect the same items and concepts to be able to decide with knowledge of the facts.

2. Anticipate that the work may become more expensive

The experience that we have in Construcciones Cholbi allows us to advise that generally between the initial budget that we have agreed for the reform and what we will owe pay at the end of the work there may be a difference of between 10% and 30%. This increase in cost is due to the fact that in the selection of materials (tiles, kitchen) prices fluctuate and we always tend to choose higher qualities than we had thought at the beginning of the work. New games may also appear.

3. Request three quotes

The selection of the company that will carry out the reform is, without a doubt, one of the most important decisions. Over the years that we have been working in this field, we have come to the conclusion that it is best not to request more than three quotes. The visit to the house or premises, the measurement, other study work and the delivery of the budget itself can greatly delay the start of the work .

4. Agree on the times and payments

Once we have selected the budget from among the three that we requested, it will be time to agree on the most important dates. It is key that once the agreement is signed, it is very clear when the reform will begin as well as when it is expected to end. In the same way, we must also agree in advance on the forms of payment (by certifications, by percentages...) so that later there is no type of misunderstanding.

Surely there are more aspects to take into account in a reform, but these four keys that we have pointed out are the guarantee that the work develops as normal and we do not have to be aware of annoying unforeseen events.

The images that accompany this post belong to the reform of a house carried out by Construcciones Cholbi in Arenal Park in Jávea.

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