The areas of Jávea with the most expensive houses

Any resident and tourist knows that Jávea is one of the most exclusive towns in the entire Valencian Community and even in the Spanish Mediterranean. Its quality of life, the landscape, the services and the quality of the constructions have placed Jávea in a unique destination desired by many, both to reside regularly and to have a second residence. A desire sought by Spaniards as well as Europeans.

Within the extensive municipality of Jávea (it reaches 68 square kilometers), there are areas in which the plots and houses have a higher price than in others. They are usually the ones with the best views, proximity to the sea or also because they have traditionally been occupied by residents with high purchasing power.

These are the most expensive areas to live in Jávea:


Few places in the Mediterranean have the views of the Cuesta de San Antonio. It is one of the reasons why this is the area with the most exclusive houses. Prices are in many cases around 4 million euros. For 3,750,000 euros there are villas of 1,000 meters built and 10 rooms, but also of about 800 square meters and 5 bedrooms. Actually, in this area, villas rarely go below a million euros.


Another top area, which has been since the first moment the urbanization was created, back in the 60s by the promoter known as Doña Julia. In this area most of the houses are Mediterranean in style. Some of them come to around three million euros but the most common is to find them in a fork that goes from one to two million, depending on the dimensions and location.


Located very close to the Cuesta de San Antonio, La Corona has traditionally been an area of ​​Jávea where large villas with very beautiful architectural designs have been built - and continue to be built. Currently there are houses for sale with a price of 2.2 million euros that have 6 rooms distributed in 430 square meters of construction and a plot of 1,800 meters.


Actually it is the upper part of Tossalet. The difference is that here the views of the Montgó, Cabo de San Antonio and the entire bay are more impressive. This makes the villas in this area very exclusive. They reach 3.5 million euros with 959 meters of construction on a plot of almost 2,000 and 5 rooms.


One of the most requested areas due to the scarcity of plots with sea views. On the slope that overlooks the island, houses are sold for 4 million euros with 700 meters of construction on a plot of 5,000 and 7 rooms. Further south, on the cliffs that overlook La Granadella, we find villas for 3.9 million euros with 617 square meters built on a plot of 1,188 and 5 rooms.

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