Places to live in Jávea (11): the Port

The Port of Jávea is one of the best places to live in this town. The origin of this neighborhood is in the seafaring tradition. The inhabitants have always been linked to the sea in any way.

The most common type of construction in the Port is the apartment. Although the oldest areas have town houses, the truth is that in the area of ​​expansion of the neighborhood the most frequent building is the apartment building.

The Paseo de la Marina Española and Avenida Jaime I are the two streets with the largest number of apartments that enjoy sea views. The panorama from most of them is truly incredible. From the balconies and windows you can discover the entire great bay of Jávea. To the right is Cap Prim and to the left is the fishing port with Cabo de San Antonio in the background. Opposite, all the immensity of the Mediterranean Sea.

Recently, Construcciones Cholbi carried out the comprehensive reform of two of these apartments with sea views. Both of about 100 square meters, approximately. These farms already have a time. Many were built between the 1970s and 1980s and the floors usually require such a work to be able to enjoy all the comforts again.

Just by going out onto the street on Avenida Jaime I we are on Paseo de la Grava, one of the most beautiful in Jávea and whose beach has just been declared the first winter beach in the town. This means that it will be marked out throughout the year. In such a way that it will be possible to take a bath, practice swimming, dive, paddle surf... with complete peace of mind.

Through this walk we arrive at the fishing pier. The fishermen's market is located there. Jávea is one of the towns that keeps its fishing fleet alive. There is no better place to buy fresh fish.

El Puerto, without a doubt an authentic place. With the magic of the sea always close to home and the unique character of the history of a fishing neighborhood. A place worth living.

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