Places to live in Jávea (4): El Montgó

If there is an unmistakable element in the landscape of Jávea it is the Montgó. This mountain, one of the highest and closest to the sea in the entire Mediterranean, is protected as a natural park due to its high environmental value.

In the vicinity of the natural park, chalets have been built for many years. The pine forests of the lower part of the Montgó on its face in Jávea are home to dozens of luxury villas and high-end houses whose owners are, above all, European residents, mainly British. This is the case of one of the latest projects that we have developed at Construcciones Cholbi.


One of the reasons why this area of ​​Jávea is chosen to build a house or reform an existing one is the orientation. Practically all the plots of the Montgó are oriented to the south, and to a lesser extent to the southwest.

This location is very important for two reasons: because the southerly winds are always warmer than the others and further prolong the fantastic climate that Jávea enjoys. On the other hand, the location of the mountain with the sea allows the sun to give many hours of the day to the entire area of ​​houses. The stone giant's shadow is very sparse.

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Another advantage of choosing the Montgó area to live is its strategic location in relation to services. Building a house here is a guarantee of tranquility, of being able to go for a walk at any time, of feeling nature close to us. But we are also very close to the urban center of Jávea, where we can find all kinds of shops: food, fashion, leisure, culture...

El Montgó is undoubtedly a guarantee of enjoying the Mediterranean climate from the comfort of our home.

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