Materials that make us fall in love (2): Silestone

In this post we want to talk to you about a special material, we are referring to one of those that is used in the finishing of the work, the coating design or even decoration. At Construcciones Cholbi we always use the best quality materials in order to achieve the best result.

We are talking, specifically, about one of the most elegant materials used for surfaces: Silestone. Actually, Silestone is the name of a brand that, by becoming a benchmark, has ended up becoming a product-brand.

More specifically, Silestone belongs to Cosentino, a business group that includes this and other brands. Each of them is an expert in a specific type of stone or design, but all are dedicated to surfaces.

They are commonly used in kitchens -like this one that we reformed-, bathrooms, sinks, washbasins and shower trays, although they can also be used on floors and walls.

Advantages of this material:

Appearance: the design is one of the most elegant, possibly this is its differentiating character and for which we recognize it. To this is added the great catalog of alternatives, since they offer different textures, more than 90 colors and even different cuts on the edges. This level of customization has made the brand exclusive and a benchmark in the world of design and trends.

Maintenance: as it is compact quartz, the surfaces are not porous, so they do not absorb any liquids or stains produced on the surface. In this way, it is a perfect material for the kitchen counter. A Silestone countertop also provides the benefit of antibacterial protection, an important factor for an area like the kitchen, where raw food is handled. It does not need special maintenance, although the brand recommends some specific products such as Q-Action.

Price: it is usually high because it is a brand that offers design and customization services for the piece, so in addition to quality, it offers added value. However, just as you can find similar materials cheaper, there are also other brands of more expensive surfaces.

Properties: they are highly resistant surfaces, specifically the brand that occupies the title of this post uses 94% natural quartz in its products. Others use granite, natural stone, or semi-precious stones. Therefore, all of them are shock-resistant hard surfaces, offering a 25-year guarantee. Another interesting detail is that the union joints are minimal, so that the sink can be made of the same material as the countertop without noticeable forced coating.

Some drawbacks can be the limited resistance to high temperatures, so it is not recommended to place pots or any other hot container directly on the quartz countertop. On the contrary, it is recommended to use trivets or boards to protect the surface.

So far we have talked about Silestone and its product made from quartz, but surfaces such as countertops can also be made of other materials such as granite or marble.

Cosentino also offers granite surfaces through its Sensa brand. These surfaces are made of natural granite, also very resistant to bumps and scratches.

Comparing both materials, granites are more porous materials and therefore tend to be less hygienic, on the other hand, they are more resistant to heat. Normally it needs annual care with oils to maintain that porosity and shine, although in this case, Sensa states that its countertops do not need special treatment and that they have a protective procedure with high resistance to staining.

Another difference is the range of offer, since granite is not available in as many colors as Silestone, quartz. Granite surfaces, being a natural material, are characterized by having a unique drawing since each one of the pieces creates different veins as we can see in the last 4 photos.

Sensa also offers a 15-year guarantee on its products.

Silestone and Sensa are just two of the brands and materials with which you can design a surface such as a kitchen counter or cover floors and walls. They are two brands that offer an exceptional finish, being benchmarks in design.

(Photos by Silestone and Sensa)

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