Why do we spend 4 days preparing a quote for the end customer?

In the same way that a house has to start with the foundation to do it right, a good project must start with a detailed budget. Luckily at Construcciones Cholbi we receive quite a few budget requests every week. Unlike many other companies, we invest a lot of time preparing economic proposals: approximately four days. Each one is different, there are simpler ones and others much more complex. The last one we have prepared -just a week ago- has 72 pages.

Those four days on average that we spend assessing -item by item- the job we opt for, we do not see them as a waste of time but as a fundamental and essential part of our daily tasks.

For us, preparing a budget has two very clear objectives:

  • Transfer to the potential client the confidence that a budget is not a document made at a glance and with a standard template, but rather a real estimate of the costs that that specific work will entail.
  • Have a guide for us on which we base ourselves to carry out the entire work, without additional costs or unpleasant surprises for the client. That is why we recommend always request at least three estimates.

Those days of waiting that we ask the client to be able to prepare the budget in detail, in the long run become many more days of tranquility for him. Because they translate into the security of seeing the work progress correctly and, most importantly, in accordance with the price established in the initial economic proposal.

* The images that accompany this post are part of a real budget prepared by Construcciones Cholbi for a client.

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