Video of Jávea in the 70s

The admiration for Jávea and its landscape began in the 60s. Before that, some tourists had come and some summer houses had also been built, mainly those located in the Montañars, of a Mediterranean architectural style and of which there are few left. But it was from the 60s onwards when Jávea became popular as a destination where not only to come to spend a few days but also to build a second residence.

Diving in the video library we found a video that was recorded in the year 1969. It is the recognizable voice of the NO-DO that in a few minutes describes what Jávea was like at that time and all its benefits as a tourist and second home place.

The video begins with a general view recorded from Cabo de San Antonio. You can see the Port and the Yacht Club, which was not yet available at the time of docks. The following plants are recorded in the same marina, first from land and then on board a boat. After leaving the port area, the plan changes radically and is located in what appears to be the upper part of Tossalet.

Then the commentator explains the great growth that Jávea has experienced in recent years. In different plans we see in detail what the Tossalet -of these there are still many, in fact Construcciones Cholbi just renovated and expand one-. This urbanization had been running for a few years, but then it was already a reference in everything the Mediterranean coast.

Then the cameras move to the Arenal. First they show us the National Tourism Parador, which had been inaugurated not long ago, the Canal de la Fontana and, finally, shots of bathers entering the water on the beach itself. Thus we discovered that the video must have been recorded in the summer months.

And before moving on to the information about a tennis tournament held in Jávea with the participation of the great Manolo Santana, there is a map of what was El Castillo, a now-defunct replica of the Palau de Ripalda Valencia located in what is currently Avenida Juan Carlos I. We tell you more about this construction and other curious ones in this post.

See the full video below.

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